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  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • PHP­framework Codeigniter
  • RestApi
  • SMS gateway
  • SVN
  • XLS
  • XML
  • XML parser
Develop an online store to sell automobile parts of Mitsubishi, Subaru, and Mazda brands.
The store is focused more on small wholesale sales, but user can bought in retail, too.
A key feature of the store is the internal CRM – the system of order management and work with clients.
At its core the system is an aggregator of parts catalogs of several major wholesale suppliers, both local and foreign.
There is an established process of ordering, tracking and accounting of parts sales, starting from customer order of the details on the website of the store till the issuing it from the warehouse or sending via express delivery service throughout Ukraine.
There is a flexible system to work with clients and details suppliers on the site, that allows to configure the discount system for a group of customers (wholesale, retail, club clients) and personal (VIP customers), and to set different levels of margins on items sold for suppliers.
The store manager can log into the client profile from admin panel and manage orders on behalf of clients (it is useful for telephone sales and work with regular clients)
The process of selling the items is following:
-  Searching for details on the website is proceeding by a unique item number in the catalog by the vehicle manufacturer. One item can be presented in several different ways and at different prices on the site, because it comes from different suppliers. Delivery time also depends on suppliers.
- Client  selects a suitable item and pays the required prepay percentage to make an order (for regular customers, the required prepay is "frozen" in their accounts)
- The order comes to the daily order according to the selected supplier, the consolidated file is sent to the supplier
- Supplier sends daily report with the status of orders, which are being processed (order received, packaged, shipped, etc). These reports are parsed and status are displayed in the internal system and customer’s Personal Account.
- When the order comes to the store warehouse, it is processed and a text message is sent to the customer to notify that his goods are delivered.
- Then the customer can either come and receive the item personally from the warehouse, or pay and order of shipping throughout Ukraine
The store warehouse and its replenishment are interestingly implemented: for system warehouse is also a client (VIP, of course) as well as other, warehouse replenishment occurs by ordering items from third party suppliers on behalf of the "Warehouse" client, while reception of orders on behalf of this client, items automatically appears in the store warehouse (with a margin, of course)
Main technical features:
• The core of the system is framework CodeIgniter 1.6
• In the admin panel we used JqGrid - jQuery Grid Plugin. Plug for convenient work with tables in the browser.
• We have implemented many kinds of parsers - XLS, XML, HTML (for online vendors).
• Automatic parsing of incoming mail for processing items requests on email.
• Work with SMS gateway smsukraine.com.ua
Development team involves three people, the major role played teamlead, who figured out and coordinate all details of the project, developed the architecture and checkout the sales / accounting / tracking goods algorithm.
4 months