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Israel Medic
  • Drupal 7
  • jQuery
  • SVN
Create a website to simplify and optimize the interaction of clinic network in Israel and their clients. In addition to providing the fullest information about the service, clinics and offices, website also provides the ability for the user to make a doctor’s appointment in a few clicks in one of these two ways:
- definition of symptoms using the online form;
- visual selection of sources of pain and following appointment.
Also, the site should provide easy control of appointments to the doctors in the profile management section. In the same section should be implemented the ability to group by dates the appointments to the doctors or the appointments to be tested, then remind about the events to the client Email and/or text message.
In addition to the client-side there is a need for modification of the standard admin panel, which should persuade management of specific elements of the site. This should allow the content manager to easily manage all elements of the site without studying the documentation for a long time. Thus there is no requirement for the prior technical education of the content manager.
To accomplish the task, we’ve used Drupal 7 technology.
The decisive factors for selecting this technology were:
- Unified structure of the site;
- High productivity due to the powerful caching technologies;
- High level of security, including the protection and filtering of Ajax-requests;
- A large set of ready-made solutions (modules) that meet the requirements of the specifications;
- A large set of supporting tools to simplify the implementation of technical issues;
- Scalability and flexibility, which allows investing material resources for technical support and maintenance of the project.
During the development additional tools were used: jQuery and subsidiaries plugins, WYSIWYG, SVN, uLogin.
To construct the structure of the site and specific tasks were used following global modules: Profile2, Views, Panels, Ctools, Better Exposed Filters, Get Locations, IMCE, Modal Forms, Rules, Webform + Ajax, Custom module development, Adaptive Theme.
- Designer (design, usability);
- Project manager / Team lead (the development process control, development);
- 2 Drupal developers (development)
- QA
Stages of development:
- Specifications agreement
- Design creation
- Project evaluation and deadline agreement
- Development
- Testing and debugging
- Support
Implementation period: 2 months.