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Snappy app
  • CoreGraphic
  • Facebook API
  • FuelPHP Framework
  • Google Maps
  • iOS SDK
  • Json
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • RestApi
Are you a modern and active person?
Do you visit cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, movies, beauty salons, car washes, etc.?
Do you have any favorite places that you visit frequently?
Use the Snappy app!
When you visit any of these places, ask the cashier for QR-code, scan it and install it on your phone Snappy app. After installation, you will be available to view a list of all the restaurants located nearby. You can also find information about a particular place and promotions that are currently held in each of them. View a map with its exact address.
Take part in actions to collect bonuses and get guaranteed gifts for buying various items.
Project-manager - communication with the customer, distribution and control of the tasks;
Android programmer.
2 months