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  • FuelPHP Framework
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • NodeJS
  • PHP
  • Socket.IO library
http://www.zookt.com/ project is kind of coupon service that combines online multiplayer game with a chance to win up to 99% discounts on products in the amazon.com catalog.
We have developed and designed this site turnkey, from specifications creation till the configuration and administration of the cloud server park after the launch of the site in production.
As the basis of PHP Backend we used FuelPHP framework, it is the most easily scalable and fast framework, based on the principles of Model-View-Controller. It implemented many recent (at the moment of development) innovations of the last version of PHP 5.3.
NodeJS backend is implemented on the express 2 framework, to work with the database we used ORM framework SequelizeJS, and to accept/receive events in the games we used socket.io library.
Within the project development we have implemented three online games - Bingo, Random Colors and Hearts, but the last one the customer decided to stop because of the long duration of the game and low conversion.
Main technical features:
  • Working with HTML5 - games frontend we implemented using Canvas object HTML5, entirely on JavaScript and HTML.
  • Work with the Amazon Products API - all the products on the website are taken from the Amazon catalog. However, the system was designed and implemented in such a way that the adding of other sources of goods was the least expensive.
  • Work with the payment systems payleap.com and PayPal
  • Sending SMS through the gateway160.com
In the project development team participated project-architector, who is also the main Nodejs-developer, team lead, who is also the main server PHP-developer 1 server programmer, 1 front-end developer, whose task was layout and frontend programming for online games, designer, beta tester and server administrator.
Together with the customer our project architect made a detailed description of the project and created prototypes (mockups) of the main pages
Further, based on the mockups designer had a task to create graphic design layouts of the main pages.
At the same time project-architect created MySQL database structure and described a scheme of interaction between PHP Backend, NodeJs backend, Mysql and Redis database, in which we decided to keep the information about active user sessions, and current games (due to a lower response time)
The final structure of the project is shown in Figure 1.
about 1 year