We divide our services on main 3 groups. Each one of them is served masterly: timely turnaround, trasnparent and kind approach we guarantee.
If you have any specific questions, our local representative will help you to get them asnwered quick.

Full cycle software development services for business of various verticals

Enterpise services at M&R include full cycle software development for business process automation for Business Intelligence, ERP, Finance, CRM, Field service, eCommerce, Social networking. Implementing scalable and robust solutions is successful when it’s done not for the first and even 10th time. It takes time to grow and to mature. We have been there and can help you to avoid lots of unforcastable obstacles with your project.

Web applications development services of any scale and complexity

Web technologies these days allow to do much more than ever before. Cross Platform abilities of end products can reach a really big auditory: in the pocket, on a tablet and on a desktop. M&R experts develop web sites, portals, intranet solutions, ERP, CRM and custom applications for the last 8 years. Building web portfolio took us years, years made us capable to give a good advice when it’s needed.

Mobile applications and services development, complex mobile solutions

Development of mobile applications at M&R includes cross platform and native Android, iOS, WP8 technologies. M&R supports all the latest technologies to provide flexible and robust solutions for cross platform corporate messengers, simple productivity apps, voice apps, GPS apps: all the possible ideas compliant with specific mobile market requirements. It takes lots of joy to deal with the product which is not rejected by Apple AppStore in the end. We will help you with that.